Me-to-we research – From asking unreliable witnesses about themselves to asking people what they notice, believe & predict about others

John Kearon
Brain Juicer Group PLC, United Kingdom

Mark Earls
HERD-meister, United Kingdom


In 2007, Earls described1 the emergence (in the literature and practice of management and political science) of what he called the “HERD” or “Social” perspective: that is, the conceptualising of human beings and human nature as first, foremost and last, social creatures. While the ESOMAR Congress awards committee acknowledged the credibility of this point of view in response to the award-winning 2007 Congress paper,2 at that point, the idea still represented for many a novel and far from universally-accepted one. Two years previously in 2005, the ESOMAR Congress awards committee also acknowledged the credibility of a real world application of “We” research in Kearon's paper on Predictive Markets and the wisdom of crowds.3