How "Our Food, Your Questions" changed perceptions of McDonald's

Andrea Sophocleous

When consumers are openly attacking the quality of your product and the credentials of your brand, traditional advertising is just not going to cut it. That was the thinking behind the radical "Our Food, Your Questions" campaign by McDonald's Canada, which sought to tackle reservations and misconceptions among shoppers.

Speaking at the ADMA Global Forum in Sydney in August 2013, Joel Yashinsky, CMO/senior vice president, marketing and consumer business insights, at McDonald's Canada, said authenticity and honesty were central to the campaign's success – as well as being mandatory for all successful marketing.

McDonald's Canada launched the campaign in mid-2012, when its food quality perception scores were at an all-time low. While traditionally ads by McDonald's have targeted lovers of the brand with hero shots of its products, it was now necessary to try and reach two different audiences.