BT – Kaizen and the art of continual improvement on

Principal Authors: Iain Preston, Magnus Laarson and Jen Clapton – LBi

Contributing Authors: Peter Georgopoulos – BT; Charles Osborn – LBi


This paper tells the story of how a bold change in creative design approach delivered dramatic improvement in sales conversion and returns on investment (ROI) in a time of declining budgets and traffic. It demonstrates how the embracing of this new approach has made it possible for to progressively and continually evolve, meet customer’s needs, and make good on the brand promise of ‘Bringing it all together.’

It's the story of a campaign, but not in the traditional sense: we don’t govern the attraction of the customers, only what they do once they’ve reached us. In order to deliver greater value to the business, we carried out more than 180 discrete projects in a single year throughout the campaign. In this presentation, we focus on the significance of six of them.