The new Manifesto for Marketing: Marketing Society members respond

David Whiting
David Whiting Associates
Charlie Dawson
The Foundation

David Whiting wonders whether marketing has been terminally hijacked.

The launch of the Marketing Society's Manifesto for Marketing has not come a moment too soon. It restates strongly the strategic view of the discipline that has always underpinned (at least since the mid-20th century) its rise and wide acceptance. The updated definition of marketing – to create sustainable growth by understanding, anticipating and satisfying customer need – also acknowledges, importantly, the added dimension of the term 'sustainable': recognising a responsibility towards society and the planet.

As a driving purpose for those who work in the many subdivisions of marketing, this should serve as a motivating and unimpeachable touchstone. It has an ethical core and entails recognising a warning contained within the manifesto: "With trust in organisations and marketing falling, we have a challenge to build a reputation for telling the truth in ways that will be understood by anyone we deal with, inside or outside the company."