McCain: Driving a Wedge between chips, chips and more chips

Prinicipal Author: Simon Harwood, PHD Media
Contributing Author: David Wilding, PHD Media


This is the story of how marketing insights identified not just one, but two new usage occasions for a product that had been long overshadowed by its bigger, more successful cousins, and as a result grew both penetration and frequency of use.

Most Awards papers open up with a tale of woe to set up the business issue that the campaign has addressed. Ours opens with a tale of success. Chip success.

In the face of a cultural backlash against chips, McCain's ‘It's all good’ campaign brought to life the simple, natural ingredients which its products have always been made from. At the forefront of this campaign have been uplifting campaigns for McCain's frozen chip products - Oven Chips and Home Fries. By celebrating the chip, McCain had created a zeitgeist-defying brand and sales success story by the end of 2007 (Figure 1).