the authors reply to 'Tobacco consumption and advertising restrictions: a critique of laugesen and meads (1991)' by m. j. stewart

Murray Laugesen
Department of Health, New Zealand
Chris Meads
Economic Consultant, New Zealand

M. J. Stewart failed to critique the correct data set we sent him. He had two data sets of ours in his possession, and has written a critique (Stewart, 1992) of the earlier data set, data already rejected by us. Stewart's 'Critique of Laugesen and Meads 1991', wrongly titled, critiques our 1991 paper using a 1990 data set. We discarded the 1990 data set and revised and replaced it in 1991 prior to publication (Laugesen and Meads, 1991). The 1991 data set used for our 1991 paper differs from the 1990 version with regard to tobacco price in most countries; in addition the advertising restriction score for Sweden has been updated.