Face up to Net Promoter Score

Dan Hill
Sensory Logic

Net Promoter Scores that include follow-up questions with manual facial coding give brands better insight into emotionally-based brand equity, which is the key to gaining repeat business and genuine recommendation.

Follow the money,' Deep Throat famously suggested to Woodward and Bernstein amid the Watergate scandal. Today, that remains good advice for understanding any situation, including brand equity. Brand equity is not a soft topic; there is a trail of money to follow because you're talking about retaining and growing market share and it is, ultimately, intertwined and indistinguishable from consumers' emotions. Loyalty is a feeling, after all, an emotional bond between a company and its customers. Without that emotional bond, the onerous expenditures of capital and labour required to find new customers to replace defectors costs six to seven times more than driving preference (growing market share) and ensuring customer loyalty (retaining market share). With an emotional bond such as happiness, rather than mere satisfaction, Tech Crunch reported that consumers were 27.6% more likely to shop for a specific brand, pay a higher price for that brand, and purchase that brand online.