Agency: Cossette Communication - Marketing Authors: M Aubin, M Grgoire, F Forget and R Ploquin

Bell Canada: 'Monsieur B' campaign


Bell Canada has been offering its customers optional telephone services since 1972. And by the early 1990s, ten services were available in Quebec. Bell's sales efforts were being concentrated on the three most promising: Call Display, Call Answer and Call Waiting.

By 1994, sales objectives for Bell's optional phone services needed an aggressive campaign to increase revenues by selling more services to more customers and, just as important, promoting the retention of these optional services by existing subscribers.

Thus, the advertising had four objectives:

  1. Relaunch Call Answer service (home voice mail), which was the last service offered by Bell.
  2. Increase the penetration rate of Call Display service, which displays the phone number of the caller.
  3. Maintain the penetration rate of Call Waiting service, which allows you to know that a second call is coming in when you are already on the phone.
  4. Launch Call Display's Name Display Option an upgrade feature that displays both the name and number of the caller.