Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada: Make Health Last

Agency: Lowe Roche Toronto
Advertiser: Heart & Stroke Foundation
Brand: Heart & Stroke Foundation
Country: Canada


This paper tells the story of how the Heart & Stroke Foundation (the Foundation) woke up our Baby Boomer target to the stark realities of heart disease and stroke, which takes 1 in 3 Canadians before their time1. We crafted the Make Health Last campaign, which saw provocative multi-channel ads informing Canadians that the average Canadian will spend their final decade in sickness and disability, and encouraged them to act now to ensure their last ten years of life would be lived in health. As part of the campaign, and to help our target audience make a positive change in their lives, we developed the MakeHealthLast.ca website, a comprehensive and personalized health education platform, to enable Canadians to regain control of their health.