New Media Research: User generated social media

Douglas Dunn
Tuned In Research

Debi Bester
Proximity London


Welcome to our paper, which will explain how research was influential at each stage of one of the most successful case studies in recent times on how to engage with youth using social networking culture.

'Mystery packages', as the campaign came to be known by its online audience, overcame a seemingly insurmountable challenge by using social marketing to reach a staggering 11% of 15 to 20 year olds in the UK – all for the media spend of 12 handmade, subversive mail packs.

The campaign turned the RNLI from the least well-known charity amongst young people into one of the hottest online topics. Lord Puttnam, Deputy Chairman of Channel 4 and Chairman of Futurelab described it as representing 'a real step-change' in direct marketing. This was echoed by other industry accolades, including a Silver Lion at Cannes 2009, 9 Gold's and the Grand Prix award at the DMA Awards, Gold at the London International Awards and being named Campaign Magazine's direct marketing campaign of the year.