Powering up Dell

Todd Wilkinson

CMO Karen Quintos lays out a fresh branding campaign for courting IT success

For Karen H. Quintos, the energetic senior vice president and CMO at Dell, “The Power to Do More” is bigger than a global brand platform and holds more promise than any shiny new gadget proclaimed to be the next “it” machine. Very simply, she regards those five words as both an internal “organizing principle” for the company's creative philosophy and an external “aspirational value” that today extends across every customer touch point around the world.

“It's a statement that reflects the wants and needs of our customers — no matter what role technology plays in their lives,” Quintos explains. “This branding campaign is very different from anything we have done in the past, and very different from what other technology companies are doing. It's different because instead of focusing on technology products, we're featuring how people use technology in their environments to accomplish goals. And they're folks whose real stories you can relate to.”