GED Achievement: Take the First Step

Background and Campaign Objectives

The Great Recession hit many of us in different ways. However, America's least-educated were hit the hardest. Those without a high school degree have been the most vulnerable. For those who remained employed, many had to take on a lower paying job, or multiple jobs, with odd hours. Most recognize that a GED diploma would improve their prospects. But few have the wherewithal or the confidence to take even the first step toward a degree.

According to the US Census Bureau, approximately 35.7 million adults (18-64) do not have a high school diploma. While keeping teens in school is one issue, motivating adults to return to school for a GED Diploma is a different, and even more challenging, issue. Lacking a high school diploma, these individuals will be far more likely to spend their lives periodically unemployed, on government assistance, or cycling in and out of prison. Obtaining a GED means attaining basic literacy skills, providing a valuable credential to potential employers. Also, it is often the gateway to further education, in community college and beyond.