Spotting On-Line Influentials Among Business Audiences

Using on-line research in viral marketing campaigns

Idil Cakim

Why Corporate Reputation Matters

The way companies manage their intangible values, as well as material assets, affects their evaluation in the marketplace. Market capital (i.e., trademarks, patents, brand reputation, corporate reputation, etc.), human capital (i.e., knowledge skills and competencies that managers and employees possess, etc.), structural capital (i.e., IT platforms, internal processes, manufacturing, distribution, etc.), and relationship capital (i.e., the company's relations with customers, investors, government, communities, etc.) constitute the intangible values that companies need to maintain to remain competitive in the marketplace. [1] Showcasing employees' award-winning works on the company Intranet, encouraging customers to give feedback, or building efficient technology platforms to distribute products are some of the tactics that develop and sustain such values.