Social Media Use in A Mobile Broadband Environment: Examination of Determinants of Twitter and Facebook Use

Sangwon Lee and Moonhee Cho


This study examines the factors that influence the use of social media in a mobile broadband environment utilizing an integrated research framework. Through an online survey of social media users, we analyze the factors that influence the attitudes toward Twitter and Facebook use and the actual use of Twitter and Facebook in a mobile broadband environment. The results of a multiple regression analysis suggest that perceived user values like mobility and interactivity, perceived characteristics like relative advantage and observability, and perceived ease of use are influential factors in explaining the formation of an attitude toward Twitter use. The results of a data analysis also suggest that perceived user value like mobility, perceived characteristics like relative advantage, trialability, and observability, and perceived usefulness have formed an attitude toward Facebook use. In addition, multiple regression analysis suggests that for Twitter use, mobile phone usage, attitude toward Twitter use, and subjective norm are the main factors. For Facebook use, subjective norm, account holding period, passing time, and perceived popularity are the main factors.