The Coleman Company – The Original Social Networking Site

Category: Leisure Products & Services
Brand/Client: The Coleman Company
Primary Agency: Doner


Required Success: Convince the next generation of campers that Coleman, the oldest, most iconic brand in the category, still deserves its status as a premium brand.

Background: For over a hundred years, when people thought of Coleman, they thought of camping. They thought of the legendary Coleman lantern. They thought of that little green Coleman stove. Unfortunately, as the brand faced intense competition from a myriad of lower-priced store brands, it began to lose its relevance as the iconic symbol of the category. Worse yet, it was losing its ability to charge a premium price with both retailers and campers.

Target: Adults 18–34 who are Outdoor Gear Gurus. They are healthy, active adults who enjoy camping, backpacking, climbing, skiing, trail running, hunting, and/or boating. They spend time outdoors for relaxation, renewal, and adventure. They are digitally savvy and involved in social networking with friends and family. As parents, they want to share these experiences with their children.