Domino's UK: How participation branding delivered greatness

David McNamara

Campaign details

Brand owner: The Domino's Pizza Group
Lead agency: iris
Contributing agency: Arena Media
Brand: Domino's (UK)
Country: United Kingdom
Industry: Fast food, takeaway outlets
Channels used: Earned media, buzz, Games and competitions, Social media
Media budget: 500k - 1 million

Executive summary

This paper is about how Domino's Pizza UK realized its participation-brand potential while operating at the speed of modern-day culture.

The company faced increased competition and decreasing loyalty, with brand preference at a new low of 31%, so needed to reconnect with customers.

Over a 15-month period the agency helped establish Domino's as a leading participation brand, by crafting an adaptive social strategy that primed people the brand by courting them in new places, earning their attention and delighting them with its efforts.