How to write brand positioning statements

Melanie Puddick
Added Value

Melanie Puddick, of Added Value, offers some guidance on understanding brand positioning and offers a simple framework from which to build.

There is no standard definition of brand positioning. Some will call it brand architecture, brand essence, brand key/onion/house. Call it what you will, what we mean is the process of setting out what a brand promises to, and should, stand for in the eyes of its target consumer.

Brand positioning is the full view, often made up of component parts that include all or some of: Brand Proposition – what the brand stands for; Brand Character – who the brand is, which in turn dictates what it should say and do and how; Brand Benefits – emotional, functional and sometimes also social – what it promises to do for its consumers; Reasons to Believe – its proof points, why it can promise what it is; Brand Essence – the boiled down summary of what is at the heart of the brand; Consumer Insight – the essential truth about the consumer that the brand reflects back to them; and Brand Values – what the brand stands for, the values around which it connects with its target.