Equal Exchange

Branded – Food & Drink
Good Creative

Without Good's re-brand of our packaging and communication materials, we'd be a business in decline, not growth.

Andy Good, Managing Director, Equal Exchange


Equal Exchange source, package, market and distribute fair trade, organic produce with a range of 67 SKU's covering coffee and tea through to peanut butter and honey. Formed in 1979, Equal Exchange is a founder of the fair trade movement and a supporter of organic production. Formed by three volunteers returning from charitable work in Africa, this workers' co-operative fight for fair deals for local farmers and deliver top quality produce.

We believe our re-brand of Equal Exchange's packaging range clearly illustrates the correlation between good, responsible design and business success. It demonstrates how sound thinking coupled with a simple cost effective execution can reflect a small company ethos while delivering large company impact and credibility. Not only that, it demonstrates how far reaching and language neutral design can be, by opening up new markets and positively affecting farming communities across the world.