Digital media, big data and the CMO/CIO relationship: Lessons from TFM&A India 2013

Preeti Chaturvedi

With India's digital marketing industry growing at an extremely rapid clip, it came as no surprise that the TFM&A, the organiser of a global series of conferences focusing on technology for marketers and advertisers, returned to the country for a second successive year in mid-2013.

Brian Pereira, conference chair at TFM&A India, set the scene for the event, which was held in Delhi. "In today's digital age, there is more consumer fragmentation and multiple channels," he told delegates. "Marketers need to take cognisance of this changing consumer behavior, and adapt their marketing strategies accordingly. Marketing spends historically follow consumer behavior, and will drive the growth of the technology-driven digital and online media platforms."

The opening keynote very much supported this assessment. Edward Bray, group marketing manager, APAC, at LinkedIn, revealed that India is currently the social network's second-largest market, after the US. The site has over 200 million users globally, and Bray reported that 30% of usage is now drawn from mobile devices, hinting at a fundamental shift in consumption habits, and one which could be especially pertinent in nations like India, where mobile is often the primary route online.