Research clients to market researchers: move it or lose it

Geoffrey Precourt

On the occasion of the Advertising Research Foundation's (ARF) Re:Think annual conference in March 2011, a conversation over the subject of neuroscience became so heated that one audience member had to be dragged - all but kicking and screaming - from the discussion.

The tenor of the ARF 2011 Audience Research Conference three months later was generally more subdued. As with most trade organizations with a shared interest, camaraderie generally overrules combativeness. But, invite a few outsiders onto the convention floor and the fur starts to fly.

Bob Liodice, President/CEO of the Association of National Advertisers - representing the interests of some 400 companies and 10,000-plus brands - minced no words when he called upon the research conventioneers to stop talking about the potential of a new generation of marketing research and start producing.