Chrysler Sebring



Category: Automotive
Country where program ran: France
Date program started/ended: October - November 2007

Product Description: Chrysler, a niche automotive brand in France, wants to launch its new Sebring sedan on segment 'D' the most competitive one.

Advertiser/Client Name: CHRYSLER
Media Channels: DirectMail
Web Advertising
Web Development


Marketplace Challenge:

How to launch a new product from a niche brand, on the most competitive segment, with extremely low budget and no product or brand awareness. Our key objective was to generate sales.

Target audience: Consumer

People who want to buy a segment D car in a very short time. This population uses the Internet as the process of purchasing the most reliable information. Studies demonstrate that « Each day, 80% of internet users employ Internet as main source of information regarding their next car purchase. » and « 50% of them use alternative sources rather than the brand website to make their decision » So Chrysler's campaign was established on alternative sources. The campaign was visible on automobile web pages of main portals and dedicated websites. (e.g. alice, libération, nouvel observateur, autonews and ciao auto)