The future of Latin America's print industry: 'haute couture'

Ivan Castano

Print media is coming under pressure in Latin America. As in other parts of the world, the rise of digital media is disrupting its business model. To survive, it must change into a 'haute couture' product with more compelling content and imagery, contended speakers at the 2012 Festival of Media Latam.

However, speakers at the festival were generally upbeat about the ability of the industry to adapt. "We don't believe print is going to die," said Juan Senor, partner at media consultancy firm Innovation, who led a three-expert panel dubbed the Rebirth of Reading.

"The majority of the industry's revenues still come from print. The platform just needs to be reinvented."

Echoing other experts, Senor said print and digital media should be able to coexist profitably for years.

"No medium has ever replaced another medium," Senor continued. "There was once talk that Hollywood was going to kill theatre, but that never happened. Theatre is now a multi-billion dollar business. Digital will not kill print."

Changing formats