Global brands and youth activism: the situation and political evolution in Europe

Béatrice Maccario and Marie-Agathe Nicoli
Research International, France


Anti-globalisation thinking is strong across Europe, especially in France and Germany. Against this background we wanted to see how this plays out amongst younger consumers who present an important market for brand owners across a wide spectrum of products and services. Thinking that global brands are facing new challenges to win and maintain the support and loyalty from this group of consumers, we set out to examine how young consumers regard global brands and the extent to which their attitudes influence purchasing behaviour. We carried out a study in France and Germany which looked the expectations of young people towards global brands. Do they support global brands, and if so on what basis? We were interested in discovering the degree to which young people care about the country of origin of a brand, how strongly they value the social dimension of a brand and how they act to reward or punish brands.