How General Electric simplifies information overload

Jessica Pishko

Andy Markowitz, General Manager of GE's Performance Marketing Lab, believes that customer data – including purchases, website visits, and social-media contact – must be simplified if it is to provide full value across an enterprise.

"Most dashboards aren't in a meaningful format," he explained to the 2016 Demandbase Marketing Innovation Summit for B2B in San Francisco. "We try to provide useful context for users. It makes data useful. And that is unusual."

It's also important to adopt such an approach, he added, if data is ultimately to "uncover new insights."

By making this information more user-friendly, Markowitz's group focuses on using data as a narrative asset. "Telling a story is what we do," he said. "We create content that is macro storytelling. When we repurpose content around an event, we find that it has second and third lives," which can, in turn, help increase the value of the marketing effort.