News Engine SEO – what is it?

Rachel Hawkes & Tim Gibbon

As more and more, particularly younger, people turn to the internet for news rather than traditional media such as TV and newspapers, the business need for getting your news ranked highly in search engines has never been more important. Approximately 30 million people throughout Western Europe use a News Engine every month – a phenomenal number, so through ethical and thorough News Engine SEO, the likelihood of having your target audience (consumer, business or media professional) see and engage with your content and brand is huge.

Is it just about people reading your news, though? Not entirely: it's also about having your website, brand, product or service ranked highly in search engines and similar outlets under the right keywords and phrases. The main focus is not so much on news as on building and maintaining brand reputation and equity. However, please don't see that as an all clear to syndicate any old, weak or irrelevant messages into engines: if it's not newsworthy, putting it online for all and sundry to read will do you more harm than good, by diluting your brand.