Make the most of your brand through packaging (Landor Perspectives 2012)

Christine Hall and Dale Doyle
Landor Associates

You may have noticed that brands are refreshing their packs more frequently than ever before. Most noticeably in the past four or five years, speed to market with a pack refresh appears to play a larger role in overall brand activity.

Advances in technology and social networking expose consumers to new things at a rapid pace—people expect some level of change all the time. Rather than keeping the same package around for years, or even decades, many brands are acting more nimbly, balancing the need to maintain familiarity with the need to remain relevant by driving change.

This increased frequency of package refreshes brings the return on investment (ROI) into question. While ROI is difficult to measure as it relates to branding on pack, the cost of not refreshing over time can easily be more than the cost of redoing your packaging. Below are a few ideas that can help you get the most out of your brand package design: