Big Boss Brewing: Beercade

Category: Media Idea
Brand/client: Big Boss Brewing Company
Lead agency: McKinney

State of the marketplace & brand's business

The world of beer is crowded. When it comes to first-time beer trial, most handcraft breweries have just one tap out of a dozen in a bar, one tent among hundreds at a beer festival, or one sample glass among many on a tray. Add to that the fact that the beer being sampled is often poured by a distracted bartender, a wired beer rep or a harried festival worker. When the experience and the beer are forgettable, it doesn't do much for the brand.

Strategic communications challenge

Our challenge was to help a small regional brewer — Big Boss Brewing — stand out in the sea of suds and win over new customers. We needed to make the Big Boss trial experience compelling and unforgettable.

Objectives & KPIs