Curators of Sweden

Volontaire Stockholm

Advertiser: Swedish Institute/VisitSweden
Brand: Curators of Sweden
Country: Sweden


Sweden is known for IKEA and meatballs. In the US a lot of people confuse us with Switzerland. Being a small country with small financial resources, we have to act smarter, creating relevant, newsworthy ideas that spread themselves globally without a given media budget.

Overall Objective: Change the world's perception of Sweden by adding new perspectives and thus position Sweden as a progressive country. Put the core values (open, authentic, innovative and caring) into action.

Specific Objectives (within 6 months)

  1. Create real interaction with individuals globally, i.e. triple the reaction rate (mentions and retweets per tweet) from 40% to 120%.
  2. Double the number of followers from 8.000 to 16.000
  3. Develop an idea powerful enough to spread organically without any media budget by starting conversations instead of one-way communication. Reach journalists and multipliers globally and thus generate earned media ten times the investment – a target of US$ 1 million.