Conscious capitalism, creativity and the new face of marketing

Andrea Sophocleous

Creativity, technology, "conscious capitalism" and purpose-inspired branding were the overriding themes of the CIRCUS Festival of Commercial Creativity, held in Sydney in March 2013.

Craig Davis, former chief creative officer of Publicis Mojo Australia and the founder of social community, summed up the mood with his opening remarks about the seemingly contradictory nature of "conscious capitalism". "Is it possible for capitalism to be conscious, tuned into anything other than making money? Is there a purpose to capitalism besides making a buck?" he asked.

One marketer answering these questions in the affirmative was also the star attraction of CIRCUS: Jonathan Mildenhall, vice president of global advertising strategy and content excellence at Coca-Cola. He reported that the world's largest beverage company has a purpose beyond maintaining its market leadership position: that of "inspiring moments of optimism and happiness".