SOS Children's Villages: 99% Children's Villages


Campaign details

Client Name: SOS Children's Villages
Brand Name: SOS Children's Villages
City: Diegem
Country: Belgium
Category: Invest in Youth

Campaign summary

All around the world, as well as in Belgium, SOS Children's Villages provide family-based care for abandoned children. 10 children live together with one SOS mother in one house. Seven to 15 houses are grouped in a "village". The families in the villages construct the ideal platform for the further development of the kids' education and personal growth.


For the renovation of their biggest village in Belgium, Chantevent, they needed funding. Instead of raising money from a broad audience, those who really can make a difference were targeted: six CEOs in major industries. A very practical way of helping SOS Children's Villages was created by asking privileged individuals to contribute by giving underprivileged kids the opportunity to escape the poverty spiral.