The skincare consumer journey

Linda Liberg
Microsoft Advertising

Knowing what factors influence women as they buy skincare products is crucial for cosmetics brands to understand the consumer journey and mindset. Microsoft Advertising's Linda Liberg unveils new behavioural research, which identifies five key stages in the process.

Something has made Sandra start doubting her current skincare regime. Passively and subconsciously, she slowly builds internal angst through external influences, such as the things she sees, reads and hears.

So Sandra experiences a lack of trust and confidence in her current skincare product, and develops a subconscious wish to improve the way her skin looks, reinforced by her surroundings, people in her life and the media.

In fact, for one in four women, addressing a specific problem or issue is the key motivator for changing skincare products. The specific problems related to Sandra's skin are not necessarily something she wants to discuss and share openly with others. It is a highly emotional decision which is as much about mindsets as it is about influencers.