Personalised targeting: Addressable TV

Norm Johnston
Mindshare Worldwide

The long-promised age of the connected TV will emerge in 2011, creating new narrowcast ways of reaching TV viewers

The outlook is good for TV Viewing figures are up, proving the resilience of the ‘first screen’ in an increasingly multi-screen world. Dual consumption of TV and the internet is popular and the most commonly debated topics on Facebook are TV programmes. TV has also led the rebound in media spend out of recession, even in battered markets such as the US. Kantar's data for the first half of 2010 indicates that spot TV spending was up by 25%.

Moreover, digital TV has come of age. The emergence of internet-connected TV sets in 2011, together with the momentum of IPTV viewing, is providing advertisers with the opportunity to combine TV's historical strength in reach and branding with some, if not eventually all, the benefits of addressable media.