ADRES2010 Agenda

We regret that for copyright reasons we are unable to publish some of the presentations.
9:00 Chairman’s opening remarks


9:10 Social Media and new rules of engagement for advertising in 2011
  • From marketing to engagement
  • Bought, owned and earned social media
  • Advertising recall and purchasing intent
  • Measuring the value of engagement
Kathy Dykeman, EMEA Measurement and Insights Specialist, Facebook

9:40 Re-thinking metrics and advertising effectiveness
  • Comparing current and future ingredients of effective advertising research
  • How is research keeping pace with sensory overload and increasing consumer filtering?
  • Tracking value and response to advertising across multiple channels
  • What you need to cope.
Dan O'Donoghue, Worldwide Strategic Planning Director, Publicis
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10:10 How leading marketers are addressing the latest advertising research challenges
  • Are traditional methodologies still able to meet the needs of today's clients?
  • Which tools and techniques are proving to be most valuable?
  • Getting closer to consumer purchasing decisions
  • Research across a diverse channel mix
  • What brand owners want from advertising research

Panos Stemitsiotis, Senior Manager, Global Brand Insights, Vodafone
Christene McCauley, Consumer Planning Director, Diageo
Mandy Seal, Insight Lead for Personal Care Europe, Kimberly Clark

10:45 Networking break  


11:15 Real-time research using social media
  • Monitoring online conversations about your brand
  • Measuring the impact of social media including blogs, forums, social networking sites and Twitter
  • Using results to fine-tune your campaign on the fly

Matthew Cain, Founder, Trufflenet
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11:45 Researching non-traditional campaigns
  • Disaggregation: The changing face of media
  • Digital campaigns: Which research techniques work best?
  • Assessing brands involvement in social media research
  • Combining metrics from traditional and new research techniques

Graeme Lawrence, Director, Virtual Surveys
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12:15 Cross-media measurement: Integrated 360 degree advertising models
  • How to measure the brand impact of your ads online and across all media
  • Understanding the impact of each channel – offline, online, social media and mobile
  • The relationship between survey responses and actual behaviour
  • Building the optimum research, communications and media strategy

Ernie Kim, Senior Vice President & Analytics Officer, Synovate
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12:45 Q & A  

13:00 Networking lunch  


14:00 Pre-testing in the modern world ... Understanding campaign criteria for in-market success
  • Pre-testing can accurately predict advertising success, if you measure what matters with the right audience
  • Applying experience and well-validated measures to today’s media world
  • How qualitative and qualitative can work together
Peter Haslett, Chairman Ipsos ASI UK and Northern Europe

14:30 Behavioural economics and advertising research
  • Using behavioural economics to predict consumer behaviour
  • Getting a fuller picture of price perception and arbitrary coherence
  • Finding out how behaviour can be a measure and indicator of ROI
Dr Nick Southgate, Behavioural Economics Consultant, IPA
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15:00 Emotions and engagement: Who cares wins...
  • Why engagement trumps sample size
  • Which ads have the emotional ‘it factor’: the power of viral viewing?
  • Understanding consumers' emotional response to brands and advertising
  • Collaboration, co-creation, crowdsourcing: Increasing engagement with your brand
Stephen Phillips, Managing Director, Spring Research
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15:30 Q & A  

15:45 Networking break  

16:10 Neuroscience: Plugging the gap in traditional advertising research
  • Supplementing existing advertising research tools with neuroscience
  • Experiments and different perspectives on how consumers respond to advertising and brand communications
  • Who is using neuroscience and what have they learnt?
  • Will it replace advertising awareness research longer term?
Graham Page, Head of Innovations, Millward Brown
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16:40 Going biometric: Integrating new technologies into the research process
  • ? Why go biometric? How are researchers using it to discover new insights?
  • ? Eye tracking and other biological measures
  • ? Blending biometric indicators of advertising response with other research tools
Dr Carl Marci, CEO and Chief Science Officer, Innerscope Research, Inc, USA
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17:10 Q & A and Chairman’s round up