Admap Prize 2017, inspired by Kantar


Thomas Henry

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Marketers must prioritise TV for long-term brand growth

Author Thomas Henry
Agency Mother New York
Marketing sector FMCG

Creative effectiveness has halved since 2011 as budget has shifted from long-term brand building campaigns on TV to short-term activation work on social media. Social can complement TV, but only as part of a long-term marketing strategy.


Kyle Findlay

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Four tips for using TV with social

Author Kyle Findlay
Agency Kantar TNS
Marketing sector Retail

Social media should be used to spur engagement and interaction with the 'conversation-starting' TV campaign. Advertisers need to cede some control over the campaign to audiences to allow authentic brand conversation, and ads need to have relevance to the brand and the social environment.


Matthew Turner

Properly integrated social and TV can deliver both short- and long-term results

Author Matthew Turner
Marketing sector FMCG

Marketers are under pressure to deliver results in the short term. By effectively combining social with TV, CMOs can satisfy short-term demands without damaging the brand's long-term health. This requires better performance metrics, and each having a separate role without duplication.

Charlie Ebdy

TV and social are competitors, not complements

Author Charlie Ebdy
Agency Vizeum
Marketing sector FMCG

TV viewing is disrupted by time-shifted and on-demand viewing, while social media offers infinite, free-to-view distraction, and a cheaper, more flexible way to drive brand salience. Brands should prepare for the end of TV as the pre-eminent brand-building medium.

Judges' Commended

How to use social to activate TV's brand salience

Author Gareth Price
Agency The Social Partners
Marketing sector FMCG

This paper cites the late Stephen King's teachings on the role of advertising to argue that social can replace print media in building message attention for the subconscious brand recognition that TV induces. And that Snapchat allows users to add their own creativity to the message, personalising it.

What TV and social media must do to work in unison

Author Jon Reay
Agency e3 Media
Marketing sector Financial services

The popularity of online video, with new formats, and the rise of on-demand and subscription services are cutting across traditional TV audiences. TV is still the dominant advertising medium for awareness and social media should be used to activate the TV work.

How challenger brands are built in India

Author Satish Pai
Marketing sector FMCG

TV dominates the media in India where established FMCG brands have low social media following. However, a challenger brand, Patanjali, built fame through social media and the fame of its founder, the spiritual yoga guru, Baba Ramdev. This created a 'tipping point' that led to more TV promotion and top 10 status in several FMCG categories.


Social media and TV within the retail industry

Author Hayley Bolton
Agency MediaCom
Marketing sector Retail

An FMCG view on how to make TV and social work better together

Author Matt Stockbridge
Company Mondelez
Marketing sector FMCG

Engaging television – a paradigm lost

Author Shujoy Dutta
Agency J. Walter Thompson Company India
Marketing sector Telecommunications

Considering the whole marketing ecosystem

Author Charlie Clinton
Company Bel UK
Marketing sector FMCG

The Stockton Slap and other stories

Author Jos Ingram
Agency OgilvyOne Worldwide
Marketing sector Brand building

Social media, our new trusted shopkeeper

Author James Wong
Agency PHD Hong Kong
Marketing sector Feminine products

Screening effectiveness

Author Praveen Kumar Sattarapu
Agency Omnicom Media Group India
Marketing sector Automobiles