5th July 2015

Hear from the 2015 Warc 100 winner

Anaheeta Goenka at Lowe Lintas talked about 'Kan Khajura Tesan', the number one-ranked campaign on this year's Warc 100, at an event organised by Warc in Cannes.

In this video, Goenka talked about the client's problem that was solved by the campaign, why the mobile channel was termed a "radio station" by the campaign creative, and how the campaign's big idea can be applied in other countries and categories.

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21st May 2015

Warc 100: Lessons from the world's best campaigns

Highly-awarded campaigns tend to employ emotion- and storytelling-based creative approaches, and use a higher-than-usual number of media channels and effectiveness metrics, a new analysis of the Warc 100 database has revealed.

The report, Lessons from the World's Best Campaigns, published by Warc today, also found that the best-performing campaigns in effectiveness and strategy competitions overindex in their use of social media and online video.

For the new report, Warc compared the case studies ranked in the Warc 100 over the past two years to all of the other case studies it published in the equivalent time period.

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22nd April 2015

Long-term rankings released

'Real Beauty Sketches,' from Ogilvy Brasil São Paulo Dove, is the world's most successful campaign over the past two years, according to data from the Warc 100.

In the new Long-Term Rankings Report, Warc combined the results from the first two years of the Warc 100 database, covering 2014 and 2015. The Warc 100 is an annual list of the world's best campaigns, agencies and brands, based on their performance in effectiveness and strategy competitions in the previous calendar year.

Over the two years of data covered by the Long-Term Rankings report, Warc tracked 4,018 individual award wins, ranking 2,320 agencies and 2,290 brands.

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2nd April 2015

Regional rankings released

Warc today released four reports summarising this year's Warc 100 results in four global regions: Asia-Pacific, EMEA, North America and Central & South America.

Each report contains rankings of the top campaigns, creative agencies, brands and advertisers from each region, along with short case studies and commentary.

While many of the results closely match the global rankings, there were some surprises on the rankings for both campaigns and companies. Through these reports, we have identified true "regional champions" in strategy and effectiveness.

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Four regions, four reports with cases, rankings and commentary

26th March 2015

Why the Warc 100 matters to Ogilvy & Mather

In an interview with Warc, Ogilvy & Mather New York CEO, Lou Aversano, explains why the Warc 100 results are a closely-watched metric at the agency.

"We take effectiveness so seriously at Ogilvy, and to be in the Warc 100 is a thrill, an honour and a privilege," Aversano said. "Effectiveness has been a hallmark for Ogilvy since its inception, and being able to balance effectiveness and creativity is critical for us."

Ogilvy New York was the top-ranked US creative agency on our 2015 rankings, while, at a network level, Ogilvy & Mather was ranked number two in the world. The network had a total of 10 campaigns in the top 100 this year, including work for Unilever, Expedia, British Airways and IBM.

"In order for great creativity to be great, it has to be effective," Aversano added. "The two do fuse together. You can see that in the work we do [for] the brands that were in the top 100 ranking."

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Being on the Warc 100: "A thrill, an honour and a privilege"

19th March 2015

Warc 100: Brand and advertiser results analysis

Warc today launched an analysis of the top-ranked brands and advertisers (brand owners) in this year's Warc 100 database.

Along with the rankings themselves, the report includes commentary on how the 2015 results compares with 2014, as well as short case studies for the top brands and advertisers.

This year, top of the brand rankings was Coca-Cola, followed by McDonald's and Mercedes-Benz, while Unilever, Procter & Gamble and The Coca-Cola Company were the top three advertisers respectively.

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5th March 2015

Warc 100: Agency results analysis

Warc has released a new summary of the top-ranked agencies, agency networks and holding companies from the 2015 Warc 100 rankings.

In this report, we analyse the top 10 creative agencies, media agencies, digital agencies, agency networks and holding companies. We also include accompanying commentary, including comparisons with last year's results, and sample case studies from each of the top-ranked companies.

The report is free-to-access, but requires you to fill in some details if you are not already a Warc subscriber.

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25th February 2015

Warc 100: Results for 2015

Warc today announced the 2015 results of the Warc 100 – recognising the 100 smartest marketing campaigns of the past year, as well as the world's top marketing companies and countries.

Top campaign was 'Kan Khajura Tesan', work by PHD and Lowe Lintas for Hindustan Unilever. This campaign reached 'media dark' rural Indian populations with an always-on mobile media channel. It beat out 'Real Beauty Sketches' (PHD and Ogilvy & Mather São Paulo for Dove) and 'Travel Yourself Interesting' (an Expedia campaign from Ogilvy & Mather London) into second and third places respectively.

You can browse all of the top 100 campaigns, and, if you are a Warc subscriber, read the winning case studies in full, by viewing the campaign rankings page linked below.

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30th October 2014

Tips from the world's smartest creative agency

Colenso BBDO in New Zealand was ranked the number one creative agency in the world, according to the Warc 100 database.

Here, Andy McLeish, Colenso's head of planning, gives some guidance on the secrets behind the agency's success. It's a combination of risk-taking, good metrics and strong trust between agency and clients.

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21st October 2014

Warc 100: Category Reports

We've been looking in to the Warc 100 database for the strongest performers in individual product categories over the past year – and have put together some reports that collate some industry-specific trends and rankings.

The categories we've picked are food, household goods and soft drinks. Each of the three reports linked below offers a ranking of the top brands and agencies for each category, along with summaries of some of the sector's smartest campaigns of the past year.

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View household goods report

View soft drinks report

The top brands, agencies and campaigns for 3 categories

1st October 2014

Warc 100: Table Builder launched

We have introduced a Table Builder feature to allow users to create their own rankings from the database. This feature is available only to Warc subscribers.

Users can build rankings of agencies, agency networks, agency holding companies, brands or advertisers, which they can download to an Excel file. They can filter these rankings by product category, geography, or (for agencies, networks or holding companies) agency type.

We have divided agencies in the database into one of four broad groups: Creative, Media, Digital (including direct agencies), and Other Specialist Agencies – a broad category that includes specialists in PR, brand consultancy and other marketing services.

Only organisations that score 10 points or more across the year are listed in results for these custom rankings.

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Create your own bespoke rankings

24th September 2014

Warc 100: Read our company rankings report

Following the launch of our company rankings – naming the world's smartest agencies, networks, holding companies, brands and advertisers – we have compiled a new report featuring all of these new results.

Included in the report is discussion and analysis of our global company rankings, plus "snapshots" for EMEA, the Amercias and Asia-Pacific, discussing which companies did best in each region.

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12th September 2014

Warc 100: Top brands and advertisers

Coca-Cola and Unilever have been named by Warc as the smartest brand and advertiser of the year, according to new rankings based on the Warc 100 database.

FMCG giant Unilever scored 550.7 points on the advertiser rankings, with PepsiCo second on 431.3 and The Coca-Cola Company third on 407.5. For brands, Coca-Cola was the clear winner on 274.0 points, with McDonald's and Vodafone second and third on 233.8 and 220.6 points respectively.

You can learn much more by reading our news story linked below, or by exploring the company rankings yourself via the Top Agencies/Brands menu above.

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11th September 2014

Warc 100: Agency rankings announced

Warc today announced new company rankings based on the Warc 100 database, naming the smartest agencies, networks and holding companies of the year.

It was BBDO Worldwide that edged out Ogilvy & Mather to rank number one in the agency networks list, while Omnicom was top holding company. Colenso BBDO, Starcom Chicago and Proximity New Zealand also topped the creative agencies, media agencies and digital agencies rankings.

You can learn much more by reading our news story linked below, or by exploring the company rankings yourself via the Top Agencies/Brands menu above.

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5th September 2014

Secrets of the 'Smoking Kid'

Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok's 'Smoking Kid' campaign was placed seventh on this year's Warc 100. Here's an interview with Ogilvy planner Kusuma Kusoltawee on how the strategy came together – and the behind-the-scenes story of how this strategy was executed.

"In order to make a better case, you should highlight the results which answer campaign objectives," Kusuma advises. "Showing how the campaign helps the client’s business will make a stronger effectiveness case."

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5th August 2014

Warc Webinar: What can we learn from the world's smartest campaigns?

Join David Tiltman (Head of Content, Warc) as he guides you through the strategies which are proven to have driven business performance or changed consumer behaviour and should now be considered a benchmark for commercial creativity.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Understand what it takes to win Effectiveness Awards
  • Learn how the industry can prove its value with commercially successful ideas
  • Explore some of the very best case studies, including Vodafone Fakka, It’s More Fun in the Philippines and Oreo’s Daily Twist, plus many more

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Wednesday, 27th August
3pm BST
10am EDT

28th July 2014

The thinking behind the Overstay Checkout

Australia produced the second-highest number of Warc 100 campaigns this year, and leading the pack was 'Overstay Checkout' by Naked Communications Melbourne for Art Series Hotels.

In this Q&A, Lach Hall, co-author of the campaign case study and now Communications Strategy Director at Silver + Partners NYC, talked to us about eureka moments, why we need effectiveness awards and his top tips for writing better case studies.

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18th July 2014

The insight behind 'My Blood is Red and Black'

The second highest-ranked Latin American campaign on this year's Warc 100 is 'My Blood is Red and Black', by Leo Burnett Tailor Made in Brazil for HEMOBA, a blood donation charity.

Speaking to us in Cannes last month, Tailor Made's Marcello Magalhaes explains the big insight behind the campaign: that, to get people doing something as unpleasant as donating blood, they have to feel a sense of affinity with who they're donating to.

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16th July 2014

Planning a 'Legendary Journey'

The Warc 100-ranked work with the biggest scale has to be 'Legendary Journey', from Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam for Heineken. The campaign, which ran in 170 markets, came 13th on this year's rankings.

In this interview, Martin Weigel, Wieden Amsterdam's head of planning, tells us how working with the client, looking into the research and tapping into outward-looking Dutch spirit helped along the process.

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15th July 2014

Which nation is the smartest?

We've been looking further into the Warc 100 data to uncover more about the world's smartest marketing.

Through this, we've found out which countries, product categories and agency types are producing those smart campaigns.

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Warc 100

14th July 2014

Lessons from 'Car Creation'

We've been speaking to Hristos Varouhas at Whybin\TBWA – the agency behind 'Car Creation', ranked 10 on this year's Warc 100.

In this interview, Hristos talks about the (highly unpromising) beginnings of the strategy behind the campaign – and whether lessons from 'Car Creation' should be copied by planners around the world.

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11th July 2014

Why it's more fun in the Philippines

Here's an interview with Tony Harris, CEO of BBDO Guerrero and the man behind our number three-ranked campaign on this year's Warc 100, 'It's More Fun in the Philippines'.

Tony gives us the inside story on why the campaign decided to use the Philippines' biggest asset – its people – on the way to delivering spectacular business results on zero media spend.

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10th July 2014

Hear from the Warc 100 winner

We've been speaking to Amal El Masri, CSO at JWT MEA, who worked on 'Vodafone Fakka', the number one-ranked campaign on this year's Warc 100.

She talked about the key cultural insight behind the campaign, why all Egyptians are united in resourcefulness, and why, sometimes, non-techie solutions work best.

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10th July 2014

Warc 100: The results!

Warc today announced the rankings in the inaugural Warc 100 – recognising the 100 smartest marketing campaigns of the past year.

The rankings were topped by 'Vodafone Fakka', a campaign from JWT Cairo, with 'Small Business Saturday', from CP+B and Digitas coming second. Third was 'It's More Fun in the Philippines', by BBDO Guerrero, while 'Thank You, Mom' (W+K) and 'Overstay Checkout' (Naked) rounded out this year's top five.

You can learn much more by viewing our top 100 page.

Or, you can read our news story linked below.

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