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Key reading


The ideal man: The challenge of national cultures for global brands

This TNS report sets out cultural comparisons based on different concepts of the 'ideal man' from around the world. It argues that the brands most likely to win are those closely aligned with consumer needs – rooted in distinct cultures.

How to market to men

Best Practice paper offering practical tips, examples and recommended reading on men.
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How men shop for personal grooming products

Results from a study of 10 countries looking into young men and personal care brands.

Do men and women respond differently to ads?

Research measuring gendered emotional responses to ads by creative approach.

Young men's attitudes towards health, fitness & wellbeing

Euromonitor's global report analyses both attitudes and the implications for marketers.

Latest case studies

Old Spice gentleman hunt

This case study describes how a campaign that combined online content with local knowledge helped Old Spice, the male grooming brand, tap into the confusion over masculinity and reconnect with its target audience.

Heineken Ireland: Heineken DAMOC coolers

This case study explores how Heineken made use of innovative new technology to increase interest in its faltering Heineken Served Extra Cold option.

Wasps Rugby Football Club (RFC): Building a new profitable base for fans

This case study describes how Wasps Rugby Football Club (RFC) built an emotional connection with new target audiences in the UK after its relocation to Coventry's Ricoh Arena through a local, strategic and relevant campaign.

Lynx-Unilever: Black Space

This case study demonstrates how Lynx, the deodorant brand, overcame its immature image among UK men in their early 20s to promote its Lynx Black variant.

Latest articles

The changing face of the beauty customer

This article argues that brands need to innovate in their product offering and marketing to match the growing trend for consumers to trial and review beauty products via digital devices and social media.

Know the audience: The affluent

This article gives an overview of affluent consumers around the world, who are more likely to be male, aged 25-34 and married.

The ideal man: The challenge of national cultures for global brands

This report sets out a model for cultural comparison based on different concepts of the 'ideal man' from around the world.

The neuroscience behind 'Epic Split' by Volvo Trucks

This article discusses a project that used neuroscientific research to track the effectiveness of Volvo's 'Epic Split', one of the most celebrated ads of recent years.

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