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Key reading


How influence works

Using data from Keller Fay, this piece explains what makes an influencer, how to find an influencer and how it identifies what it calls Conversation Catalysts. The article also argues that it is a mistake for the marketing community to be blinded by social media as a surefire way to identify influencers.
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The opportunity in community

This article discusses the changing nature of communities, and how brands can become part of them.

Personalised targeting: Don't get personal, get social

This paper argues that social targeting of influencers, is the way forward for digital marketing.

Influencers trump consumer research for Beats by Dre

Why the Apple-owned electronics brand favours working with influencers over traditional research.

Herd-like copying is how brands spread

This article argues that humans are social animals, and learn and adapt by copying others.

Latest case studies

NSPCC flaw in the law

This case study investigates how the NSPCC, the British children's charity, campaigned to change the law and protect children from online sexual abuse.

Affligem: Momentum

This case study demonstrates how Affligem, a Belgian beer brand owned by Heineken, used storytelling to reposition as a luxury brand in Italy.

Old Spice gentleman hunt

This case study describes how a campaign that combined online content with local knowledge helped Old Spice, the male grooming brand, tap into the confusion over masculinity and reconnect with its target audience.

KBC: 5 euro

This case study describes how one of Belgium's biggest banks, KBC, built upon its past association with summer music festivals to develop a unique campaign to engage teenagers.

Latest articles

How we became curators of cool: What the Tumblr generation can teach us about doing research

This paper explores the research method of Connectivity as a way to empower brands to better understand and engage consumers, by using the 'Tumblr generation' as a target group example.

Know the audience: Brand followers

This article reveals findings from global research into people who follow brands on social media.

Identifying social media's global brand promoters

This presentation identifies what makes a true brand advocate, based on the findings from a survey across 11 countries.

How IZZE reaches “hipster millennials”

This event report addresses how IZZE, a beverage brand primarily targeted at "hipster millennials", is engaging this marketing-averse audience.

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