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Key reading

mobile use

What we know about integrating media

This article provides marketers with information and guidance on issues around integration. Topics covered by the article include the recent evolution of the term 'integration', the various models of integration available to practitioners, how to work with agencies and how to understand patterns of media consumption.

Measuring the sales effects of cross-media advertising

Even though cross-media campaigns are becoming a norm, there is a lack of knowledge on how they impact sales.

Integrated channel planning: Effective integration

IPA analysis reveals that it is the number of channels, not their integration, that delivers hard business success.

Measuring paid, owned, earned complexity

This article explains why the POE model of media planning requires a new measurement solution.

Seeding a multiscreen strategy

Why companies have to build a consistent brand that can travel and resonate across channels.

Latest case studies

Fairy Liquid: The longer lasting brand legend

This case study demonstrates how Fairy washing-up liquid reconnected people in Spain and the UK emotionally with the brand as well as reassured them that Fairy was worth paying more for.

Rama: Love in the fridge

This case study explains how Unilever, the owner of Europe's biggest margarine brands, released Rama With Butter, a spreadable butter brand, to compete with its European rivals and avoid further declines in revenue and brand supremacy.

McVitie's: Sweeet

This case study shows how McVitie's, Britain and Ireland's biggest and oldest sweet biscuit brand, grew a brand in a flat-lining market with increasing competition and declining sales.

End Marmite Neglect: How planning saved a British institution by creating a national outrage

This case study shows how a campaign for UK food brand Marmite deliberately created a national scandal to turn around falling sales.

Latest articles

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC): Why Does It Fail? An Analysis of Practitioner Mental Models Exposes Barriers of IMC Implementation

Integrated marketing communications (IMC) is accepted widely as a multi-stakeholder strategic business process for brand communications.

The Reach and ROI of Mobile and TV

This paper explains how GfK developed a cross-media measurement tool to compare the impact of TV and Facebook ads on sales.

John Lewis and Monty the Penguin: The media strategy behind the UK’s favourite Christmas campaign

This event report explains how John Lewis, the department store chain, executed a connected media strategy for its 'Monty the Penguin' Christmas campaign in the UK.

"Drinkable ads" put fizz into Coke Zero's marketing

This event report addresses how Coke Zero – a low-calorie carbonated drink in Coca-Cola's portfolio – rolled out an innovative campaign seeking to drive consumer trial.

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