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Key reading


Understanding television audiences

This best practice paper argues that television is the dominant mass medium in the minds of major marketers and consumers. Television remains the primary communications channel when launching a new brand or supporting an existing brand, despite the rise in popularity of digital channels of recent years.
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The two-screen experience

How media consumption habits have changed, specifically through the multiscreening trend.

10 rules for TV strategy

Tips for compelling TV ads, including guidance on using emotion and scheduling for maximum effect.

Television: Back to the Future

Viewing behaviour continues to follow some law-like patterns that have remained the same for 40 years.

Warc adspend database: TV

This tool allows you to build your own adspend datasets for individual media channels, including TV.

Latest case studies

Paramanya: A million downloads in a month

This case study shows how Paramanya, a localised mobile game in Turkey, launched with a three-phase strategy to generate awareness and interactivity.

Autodrop: How GIFvertising disrupted TV and put Autodrop back on the map

This case study describes how Dutch licorice brand Autodrop increased sales in spite of comparatively low advertising spend.

Kenco: Coffee Vs. Gangs

This case shows how Kenco, the coffee brand, re-established its 'green' credentials in the UK and Ireland by demonstrating to the consumer that its investment in coffee growers produces positive results.

Adobe Marketing Cloud: Do you know what your marketing is doing?

This case study describes how Adobe Marketing Cloud, a suite of digital marketing software, reached its elusive audience in the USA with an agile communication strategy.

Latest articles

MediaCom and Thinkbox on using TV for long and short-term effects

This event report discusses results from research undertaken by Thinkbox and MediaCom that aimed to uncover the online and offline drivers of sales for direct response ads.

IAB and Videology on the convergence of TV and video

This article discusses general digital media and TV usage trends in the context of presentations from the IAB, a digital trade body, and ad insights firm Videology.

Watching the devices: Do we watch video differently on smaller screens?

This paper describes a research project for Channel 4, the UK broadcaster, which compared viewer engagement on branded, TV company-owned video-on-demand (VOD) platforms against generic VOD websites such as YouTube.

"Drinkable ads" put fizz into Coke Zero's marketing

This event report addresses how Coke Zero – a low-calorie carbonated drink in Coca-Cola's portfolio – rolled out an innovative campaign seeking to drive consumer trial.

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