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Key reading

Doritos Mariachi

Seriously Social: How social strategy can drive business results

Warc's Seriously Social report is an exclusive analysis of the world's most effective social media campaigns by the pre-eminent marketing consultant Peter Field. The report includes guidance on types of social strategy and the various drivers of business results from social media campaigns.
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Can social media show you the wood from the trees?

An analysis of social media's financial limitations, arguing that budgets for the channel should be limited.

Social's future is not community

Why community social strategies don't work – and why social is better for ads, customer service and data.

The business return from social media

Guidance on business objectives and appropriate metrics for social media campaigns.

Social, Digital & Mobile statistics

This article summarises the findings from a We Are Social report covering key social and mobile stats.

Latest case studies

Cadbury: Rate the 8

This case study details food manufacturer Mondelez's brand building campaign in Ireland, which sought to rescue the diminishing sector of 'impulse chocolate' and boost the Cadbury chocolate brand.

50 years of Fiesta Ferrero

This case study shows how Ferrero snacks created an integrated campaign in Italy to penetrate a younger market with its ailing Fiesta brand.

NSPCC flaw in the law

This case study investigates how the NSPCC, the British children's charity, campaigned to change the law and protect children from online sexual abuse.

SisalPay: GoBeyond - the fast lane for Italian ideas

This case study explains how SisalPay, Italy's leading payments and service provider, put together a campaign to 'GiveBack' and bring positivity to the country despite an economic crisis.

Latest articles

Adstats: International Ad Forecast

This brief article rounds up the international forecasts for 2016.

Mobile, social and visual communications: Insights from Facebook and Instagram

This event report highlights three recent trends in how consumers are using social media.

Measuring the contribution of social media

This edited extract from the IPA Social Works project summarises the key lessons in measuring the effectiveness of social media.

Navigating our newly complicated social lives

This article explains how Instant Messaging and other new forms of social platforms present a new set of challenges for brands that they cannot afford to ignore.

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