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Product placement

Key reading

OOH placement

Refining a product placement business

This article highlights some real world examples of product placement that is contextually appropriate to the program, the category and the audience. The paper looks at the changing role of product placement in a fragmented media landscape, including integrations with esurance and Turner broadcasting.
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The future of product placement

The view from media agency MEC on developments in personalised placements for on-demand television.

Key insights on the UK product placement TV market

The effectiveness of product placement for audiences that are new to this technique.

The implicit impact of product placement

Research that highlights some interesting points to consider when designing a product placement strategy.

Latest case studies

Paramanya: A million downloads in a month

This case study shows how Paramanya, a localised mobile game in Turkey, launched with a three-phase strategy to generate awareness and interactivity.

Clinique: Smart Beauty

This case study shows how Clinique, a global premium skincare brand, launched two new products into the Australian market, cementing the brand as a leading skincare innovator.

Hasbro Deutschland GMBH: Office war

This case study describes how Hasbro Deutschland GMBH promoted its toy NERF Blasters to a new demographic in Germany.

Priority Mail Shipping: USPS Delivers with The Amazing Spider-Man 2

This case study describes how the United States Postal Service partnered with a blockbuster film to regain its position as a trusted postal carrier.

Latest articles

How to mix brand placements in television programmes to maximise effectiveness

This research, based on 20 brand placement campaigns for 17 brands in 11 Belgian entertainment shows, uses the mixture modelling technique to identify the optimal mix of brand placement types in a programme.

How DramaFever found a role in the video-streaming market

This event report outlines how DramaFever successfully built a content-streaming brand, in the US and beyond, based around distributing drama series made in South Korea.

Impact of flow on recognition of and attitudes towards in-game brand placements: Brand congruence and placement prominence as moderators

This study investigates the moderating influences of brand congruence and placement prominence on the impact of game-evoked flow on cognitive and affective outcomes for in-game brand placements.

Product placement and the promotion of healthy food to pre-adolescents: When popular TV series make carrots look cool

Although many scholars have raised concerns about product placement directed at children, the practice may offer interesting outcomes when used for pro-social objectives.

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