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Key reading

Always #LikeAGirl

Understanding out-of-home audiences

This Best Practice paper explores different ways out of home media can be used as part of the marketing mix, and discusses how digital is improving outdoor effectiveness. It argues that digital technology allows electronic sites to be updated or changed, creating opportunity for advertising targeted by time and expected audience.
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Planning out-of-home

Common issues in planning for outdoor, including changing formats, audience reach and measurement

Outdoor measurement: A route to better returns

A new GPS measurement approach which offers a realistic understanding of how people see OOH ads.

Formulating value in digital out-of-home

Three dimensions through which to assess the possible payback from outdoor campaigns that use digital.

Warc adspend database: Outdoor

This tool allows you to build your own adspend datasets for individual media channels, including outdoor.

Latest case studies

Big, bold and singleminded: From UPC to Virgin Media - The story of 2015's most successful Irish brand transformation

This case study describes how UPC, an Irish telecoms company, rebranded into Virgin Media and ran a campaign retaining what was best about UPC while creating a new telecommunications brand rooted in Ireland.

SuperValu: How a brave local brand defied the forces of globalisation

This case study shows how SuperValu, a local Irish retailer, wrestled back leadership from Tesco and defied the forces of globalisation thanks to a new digital campaign.

How Advertising & Brand Building kept Deep RiverRock Hydrated Over 10 Years

This case study demonstrates how Deep RiverRock, the Irish water brand, managed to become the bottled water of choice for 18-35-year-olds in Ireland.

Barry's Tea: Give it time to brew: How Ireland's longest-running brand idea helped Barry's Tea to ride out the recession

This case describes how Barry's Tea, a family-owned tea company founded in 1901 in Cork City, proved the commercial value of a long-term, evolving, brand-building advertising idea.

Latest articles

Officeworks: Creating a customer-centric brand

This case study describes how Officeworks, an office supplies chain, achieved record growth by shifting its focus from being product-centric to customer-centric.

What we know about Stunt Marketing

This article provides guidance and reading on the tactic of stunt marketing - a form of experiential marketing that aims to generate buzz and boost engagement.

Lowdown: OpenLoop

This brief article examines OpenLoop, a new digital out-of-home campaign management tool that facilitates real-time reactive campaigns across multiple formats and locations.

Adstats: International Ad Forecast

This brief article rounds up the international forecasts for 2016.

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