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Key reading

Always #LikeAGirl

Achieving 'valuable virality': Five steps to social video success

This article outlines practical guidance for brands to make their online videos 'go viral'. Advice includes making the brand central to the video execution. Examples of this discussed in the article include 'Like a Girl', an online video-supported campaign for Always.
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How to develop an effective YouTube content strategy

Best practices to help brands engage subcultures and find a place in the 'everything channel'.

Measure video meaningfully

The importance of measuring video viewability accurately, and how measurement might be improved.

Livestreaming apps – the value of Periscope and Meerkat for brands

How brands are using livestreaming apps, such as Periscope and Meerkat, to engage with consumers.

The growth of vertical video

Why video content is increasingly designed to be viewed in portrait rather than landscape form.

Latest case studies

The new Opel Astra upsets the luxury class

This case study describes the launch of a new Opel Astra car model in Germany and Spain, targeting social climbing, high income men.

Daintree: How we took Hate out of the Debate

This case study demonstrates how Daintree Paper, a stationery shop in Dublin, Ireland, turned around its fortune with just one smart, low budget campaign.

safefood: Reaching the unreachable. Convincing the inconvincible. Persuading all sexually active women, not just those planning a family, to take folic acid daily.

This case study describes how safefood, a public food safety and healthy eating body in Ireland, changed the conversation around the use of folic acid with a digital, educational campaign.

Xfinity: Language Choice Campaign

This case study describes how Xfinity, a Spanish-American TV brand, turned its business around and achieved a level of growth not since seen in the company's history by emulating the way bilinguals use English and Spanish in their daily lives.

Latest articles

Using native video to engage the ‘uninterruptible’ Generation Z

This event report details research from Sharethrough, a native advertising software provider, on the use of native video to reach Generation Z via mobile.

How to create content for YouTube’s “ecosystem of passions”

This event report looks at the advice that YouTube, the video-sharing service, provides for creating content on its platform.

The World of Short Form Video for Post Millennials: And implications for broadcasters

This paper discusses key trends in short form video viewing, with a particular focus on post millennials (under 16s), including how they watch, what they watch and how they discover content.

How video can drive mobile revenue - and how to stop consumers tuning out

This event report uses examples from Dogan TV, a Turkish broadcaster, and, an outstream video specialist, to explain how marketers can use social and online video more effectively.

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