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Key reading

Digital age

How to build long-term brand success in the digital age

Les Binet and Peter Field at how the use of digital channels of various kinds should be assessed. This paper builds on their previous IPA report, which found that emotional priming builds more profitable long-term effects and rational messaging is best for generating short-term sales.

How to maximise ROI in digital marketing

This paper provides a best practice guide to boosting the return on investment of digital marketing.

Planning for digital media

What is digital media planning and how can marketers develop a successful digital campaign?
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A field guide to digital metrics

Stephen Rappaport's lessons learned from 197 digital metrics, 150 studies and 12 essays.

Warc adspend database: Digital

This tool allows you to build your own adspend datasets for individual channels, including digital media.

Latest case studies

AMF Fastigheter: Urban Escape - the Rooftop experience

This case study describes how the property company AMF Fastigheter in Stockholm attracted tenants for the 62 000 m2 Urban Escape offices and justified some of the city's highest fees with the help of a pair of virtual reality goggles and a free app.

BMW Group and BMW of North America: Eyes on Gigi

This case study describes how BMW, a German car maker, used immersive and interactive video content to drive awareness of BMW M2 vehicles.

Nike: Spark Brilliance

This case study describes how Nike, a US sports brand, used innovation to inspire its target audience and got them excited about the launch of the new Turkish National Jersey, produced by Nike, during the Turkish National Team friendly games before the Euro Cup.

Danone: SerePixels - Augmented reality strategy

This case study describes how Danone's Serenito, a popular dessert product in Argentina, generated close bonds with its clients and increased sales through the use of augmented reality.

Latest articles

Time is On Our Side: A study of spare time and how we spend it

This paper details the findings of a UK study into how spare time is used, providing three key findings about leisure, undertaken by British Channel 4 to inform its All4 VOD service.

Entertainment to utility: the dilemma facing FMCG

This article argues that FMCG brands will be rendered invisible day-to-day as digital marketing shifts its purpose from entertainment to adding value and providing utility.

Digital Assistants - A Brand's Best Friend? It’s about conversation

This paper reports on a multi-method UK study into chatbots and digital assistants (DAs), assessing their utility for brands (are they really a 'brand's best friend'?), consumers' propensity to use them and their potential applications for market research.

A Debrief through a Virtual Reality Window: Using VR to illuminate the consumer like never before

This paper describes how Simplot, an Australian food manufacturer, combined virtual reality (VR) with ethnography to inform product development and communications.

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