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Key reading


Why loyalty is not the Holy Grail

Byron Sharp and Kate Newstead on why global brands, including HSBC, have moved away from loyalty marketing. The paper argues that, to grow, you need many more customers, most of whom will be light buyers of the brand.
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Marketing science opens up creative opportunity

How marketing science challenges many of the received wisdoms of advertising, including the need for differentiation.

Mythbuster: Marketing always needs to make sense

Les Binet and Sarah Carter argue that often the most effective marketing doesn't make sense.

Differentiation or salience?

Andrew Ehrenberg's classic paper on what makes a brand leader: brand differentiation or brand salience.

The Ehrenberg Legacy

The ground-breaking findings into buyer behavior and brand perceptions of the late Andrew Ehrenberg.

Latest case studies

Coca-Cola: Remove labels

This case study describes how Coca-Cola, a leading soft drink brand in the Middle East, held an Iftar (Ramadan meal) in the dark and removed labels from their cans to encourage people to see others without prejudice, and raise its brand profile.

Xperia: The Xperia Aquatech Store – the world's first underwater store

This case study describes how Xperia, a mobile phone brand in UAE, created the world's first underwater store to launch its waterproof phone.

Toyota Hybrid: Transparent test drive

This case study describes how Toyota Hybrid, a car brand in Finland, used an in-car device to bring potential customers into the showroom and away from purely online research.

Valspar: Color for the colorblind

This case study details a campaign by Valspar, an American paint company, to differentiate itself from other manufacturers by giving colour back to the colourblind.

Latest articles

Target’s turn-around: boosting sales with creative segmentation in Australia

This event report explores how Target, an Australian retail brand, boosted sales by adopting a pioneering online to offline digital approach.

Brands, contradictions and driving growth

This report discusses how consumers seem to care little about a brand, even though it may be hugely valuable.

Growth drivers: Seven hallmarks of growth-ready organisations

This report explains how company growth in today's challenging climate needs to be more meaningful than merely focusing on numbers, and that the route to success is to focus on growing both consumer happiness and employee effectiveness.

Stop selling and start building

This article argues marketing must adapt to the 'era of personalisation' by understanding that its best opportunities rely on growing the brand and moving beyond personalised messages – not optimising sales.

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