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Key reading


Why loyalty is not the Holy Grail

Byron Sharp and Kate Newstead on why global brands, including HSBC, have moved away from loyalty marketing. The paper argues that, to grow, you need many more customers, most of whom will be light buyers of the brand.
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Marketing science opens up creative opportunity

How marketing science challenges many of the received wisdoms of advertising, including the need for differentiation.

Mythbuster: Marketing always needs to make sense

Les Binet and Sarah Carter argue that often the most effective marketing doesn't make sense.

Differentiation or salience?

Andrew Ehrenberg's classic paper on what makes a brand leader: brand differentiation or brand salience.

The Ehrenberg Legacy

The ground-breaking findings into buyer behavior and brand perceptions of the late Andrew Ehrenberg.

Latest case studies

Happiness is Whitworths

This case study describes how Whitworths sugar developed a clear brand strategy that helped it gain greater awareness in the UK and grow in a declining market.

JuiceBurst: A story of explosive growth

This case study explores how JuiceBurst was transformed over three years from being largely unknown to one of the UK's fastest growing beverage brands.

Buster Plughole Care: Because plugholes need love too

This case study describes how Buster became the UK's number one brand of plughole unblockers and fresheners by reinventing its image and taking a specialist approach.

Johnnie Walker Houses

This case study describes how Diageo established Scotch whisky as part of a sophisticated and luxurious lifestyle in China by creating an embassy for whisky culture: The Johnnie Walker House.

Latest articles

Monty Bojangles redesign

This case study describes how Monty Bojangles (MB) transformed their chocolate truffles by creating a distinctive brand narrative and replacing conventional brand values with an engaging philosophy.

How EMEA food brands are identifying new usage occasions

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This report describes how EMEA food brands have found success with advertising campaigns which persuade consumers to increase product consumption occasions.

Beware of treating clouds like clocks

This article argues that the growing use of cheap computational power risks encouraging us to pretend that wide, complex problems are narrow, simple ones.

Mythbuster: Advertising is either science or art

This article, Les and Sarah's last, looks back at six-years of Mythbusting.

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