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Key reading


How a utility demonstrated the benefits of collaborative marketing

This article offers five steps, illustrated with real-life examples from a major campaign for UPS, that CMOs can use to show the boardroom the benefits of a more collaborative approach to the marketing function. Steps include jointly planning KPIs and distributing results in real time.

Energy measurement transforms consumer insights

A new way to measure household electricity usage, so utilities can understand their customers better.

Reinvigorating USPS for the digital age

How the postal service met challenges created by the digital revolution, reversing brand perceptions.

Taking British Gas back to the future

How ads reflecting the UK energy brand's long heritage turned around its poor customer image.

Latest case studies

SSE: The planner in the boardroom

This case study describes a campaign from SSE, a UK energy company, turned around negative perceptions with a campaign highlighting the positive benefits of energy.

RWE npower: Applause/Pride - Recognition scheme

This case study demonstrates how the launch of its Applause Recognition and Reward Scheme helped convey a common identity and sense of celebration among employees of energy company RWE npower.

Royal Mail: The private life of mail

This article describes research undertaken by Royal Mail, the national postal provider in the UK, to understand the impact of direct mail by observing behaviour in real homes.

ExxonMobil: Be An Engineer

This case study describes how ExxonMobil, a multinational gas and oil corporation, launched a communications campaign in the US to promote engineering as a degree and career choice.

Latest articles

The End of the Beginning: Behavioural economics has entered a new era of application

This article demonstrates how behavioural economics (BE) is being employed to improve public and business policies.

Environmental threat appeals in green advertising: The role of fear arousal and coping efficacy

This study addresses the behavioural effects of cognitive threat appraisal, emotional fear response and perceived coping efficacy in threat appeal based green advertising.

How DHL turned sponsorship into "active advertising"

This event report addresses how DHL, the delivery and logistics company, has turned its sponsorship programs into "active advertising" opportunities which showcase its business capabilities.

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