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Key reading

Car sharing

The sharing economy: Disrupting traditional business models

This article discusses the rise of the 'sharing economy', which is enabled by increased levels of global connectedness and has revolutionised the travel category. It uses the example of a peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace to show the business opportunity the sharing economy represents.
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British Airways: A transformative role for insight

How the airline made large amounts of data more manageable and accessible for business decisions.

How Airbnb plans for "super-brand" status

How the holiday rental giant has leveraged marketing at a time of rapid company growth.

IHG checks in a winner with Holiday Inn relaunch

How Holiday Inn planned for and executed the global relaunch of its complex brand family.

Travel & Tourism company profiles

Euromonitor data and analysis on the sector's major companies.

Latest case studies

Hailo Ireland: 'We're so local' regional

This case study explains how Hailo, the taxi-booking app, spread out of big cities into less well served parts of Ireland, emphasising the local nature of the app.

TfL: Next stop, cultural change

This case study shows how Transport for London's (TfL) Customer & Employee Insight team used compilations of multiple strands of data to create a new holistic approach to implementing change at every level of the organisation.

TFL: Accessible London - The Accessibility Mystery Traveller Survey

This case study describes how Transport for London (TfL) partnered with disabled travellers to identify pain points for disabled travellers across the network.

Virgin Trains: Arrive Awesome

This case study shows how Virgin Trains changed perceptions of train travel in the UK by channelling 'awesome' through the entire customer journey.

Latest articles

Build brands with meaning

This article shows how Munich Airport developed and launched a new brand idea, tagline and logo to reflect the joy of travel, authentic connections and meaningful moments.

Advertising in context: The importance of context in media placement

This article describes a new study which reveals that the relevance of the message environment is more important than the quality of the medium in which it is placed.

The value of loyalty: How Qantas and Bookworld built profitable businesses

This event report looks at how two different companies have successfully utilised loyalty programs to acquire customers and increase profitability.

Seven steps to better customer experience

This article discusses methods through which a brand can improve the customer experience by relaxing the ways in which employees work on the consumer journey in order to keep the customer's experience 'tight'.

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