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Key reading


Coca-Cola's real-time intelligence: Becoming the champions on engagement

This paper explains how Coca-Cola developed a platform to consolidate data from multiple sources in real-time. This platform was used to inform its marketing communications and decisions leading up to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, of which the brand was one of the major global sponsors.

Red Bull Media House transforms content marketing

Red Bull Media House's activities from Formula 1 to snowboarding, breakdancing and gaming.
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Going to the edges for inspiration

The advantage of talking to soft drinks brand lovers in order to reach the mass market.

Understanding usage and attitudes towards coffee

A global look at the increasingly-influential "Coffee Mavens", who are often first in picking up on trends.

Soft Drinks company profiles

Euromonitor data and analysis on the sector's major companies.

Latest case studies

Kenco: Coffee Vs. Gangs

This case shows how Kenco, the coffee brand, re-established its 'green' credentials in the UK and Ireland by demonstrating to the consumer that its investment in coffee growers produces positive results.

The Coca-Cola Company: Open Up - how two simple words broke a centuries old taboo

This case study explains how Coca-Cola, the soft drinks brand, connected with Middle Eastern consumers by demonstrating it understood Muslims' difficulties during Ramadan.

Making the unbelievable possible for Pepsi Max

This case study shows how Pepsi Max, the soft drinks brand, used a YouTube campaign in the UK to take on a larger rival and boost brand equity and business results.

Coca-Cola: Share a Coke with Vietnamese Teens

This case study describes how Coca-Cola, the soft drinks brand, connected with young people in Vietnam with customised cans to increase sales.

Latest articles

How O2 and Evian leverage their sports sponsorships

This event report looks at how two different brands, O2 and Evian, leveraged their sports sponsorships during 2015.

Innocent drinks: How applied consumer psychology helped find the sweet spot for one savoury proposition

This paper explains how Innocent, the drinks company, incorporated behavioural economics into its packaging design test to launch a new product in the UK.

Marketing to children: the role of co-creation and humour for the LOL generation

This event report looks at two techniques – co-creation and humour – that marketers can use to reach different age groups within the children's market.

Coca-Cola Co (Drink and beverages, non-alcoholic)

This Company Profile from Euromonitor provides key details and analysis of The Coca-Cola Co, the owner of brands such as Minute Maid.

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