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Key reading


E-commerce, digital technology and changing shopping preferences

Findings from a global Nielsen survey into grocery shopping habits. The survey suggests ways to understand how digital technology is changing the retail landscape.

The shopper of the future

GFK research on how today's young shoppers see tomorrow's shopping experience.

How one retailer mixes shopping and entertainment

Why Macy's is embracing a range of new channels and media partnerships to engage shoppers.
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Traditional retailer, new technique

How Walmart, the retail giant, is drawing on the start-up driven idea of "growth hacking".

Retail company profiles

Euromonitor data and analysis on the sector's major companies.

Latest case studies

Wyevale Garden Centres

This case study explores how Wyevale – the largest garden centre chain in the UK – adopted a three-pronged Food & Beverage development strategy of renovation, innovation and expansion to make the most of its hospitality offerings.

MarcoPolo (now Unieuro): Time machine

This case study describes how MarcoPolo Expert, the electronic chain store in Italy, implemented a loyalty program to build customer fidelity.

McDonald's FryFutbol

This case study demonstrates how McDonald's, the fast food restaurant, increased its relevance in Europe as a sponsor of the 2014 World Cup.

From less than festive to Christmas grotto: How a sprinkling of insight magic helped deliver growth for Boots UK at Christmas

This case study explains how Boots, a pharmacy chain, employed insight that influenced decisions and helped deliver growth for Boots UK at Christmas.

Latest articles

From pancakes to Star Wars: how Asda ramped up its digital conten

This event report relates how UK supermarket chain Asda developed its approach to producing digital content over the course of a year.

Deal of the day: analysing purchase frequency-based subscriber segmentation

Deal of the day is a form of e-commerce in which an intermediary allows merchants access to a subscriber list, to promote their offerings at a discount.

Comparing approaches to elicit brand attributes both face-to-face and online

Brand attributes play an important role in tracking customer-based brand equity.

Dunkin's DNA grounded in transformation

This event report addresses how Dunkin' Donuts, the coffee and baked goods chain, has transformed its business and brand.

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