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Key reading


E-commerce, digital technology and changing shopping preferences

Findings from a global Nielsen survey into grocery shopping habits. The survey suggests ways to understand how digital technology is changing the retail landscape.

Marketing retail: the omnichannel challenge

A focus on marketing retail, digitisation and the transition to omnichannel.

How one retailer mixes shopping and entertainment

Why Macy's is embracing a range of new channels and media partnerships to engage shoppers.
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Traditional retailer, new technique

How Walmart, the retail giant, is drawing on the start-up driven idea of "growth hacking".

Retail company profiles

Euromonitor data and analysis on the sector's major companies.

Latest case studies

Zalando: #whereveryouare

This case study explains how online retailer Zalando used micro-targeting to make people living in small towns and villages feel special - and increase sales. No One Lives Like You

This case study explains how Bolia, a furniture company, responded to a financial crisis in Scandinavia by changing its brand strategy.

SATURN: Shop Clock

This case study describes how Saturn, an electronics and household appliances store in Germany, used a simple database function to display the best deals from Saturn's giant catalogue.

Seamless: Taking Back New York

This case study demonstrates how Seamless, the market leading food delivery service connecting diners and restaurants across NYC, transcended competition and elevated the brand by connecting with people's proud New York identity.

Latest articles

How Aldi marketed its way to the winning discount position

This article looks at how retailer Aldi positioned itself as the 'best-value' supermarket in the UK after the financial crash of 2008 significantly changed consumer behaviours.

IT'SUGAR's plan to transform influencer marketing

This event report outlines how IT'SUGAR, the candy retailer, hopes to transform influencer marketing to the benefit of its brand, customers and marketing partners in the US.

The benefits of quantifying qualitative brand data: a mixed-method approach for converting free brand associations to a brand equity index

Researchers suggest quantification of qualitative data as an innovative approach to knowledge creation.

Target’s turn-around: boosting sales with creative segmentation in Australia

This event report explores how Target, an Australian retail brand, boosted sales by adopting a pioneering online to offline digital approach.

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