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Key reading


What brands in other categories can learn from charity marketing

This Best Practice paper argues that charities can teach other brands about using smaller budgets more efficiently. Charities have also taken their social competency into the digital space, where they have provided many significant successes in social media marketing.
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Why social policy needs more than the behavioural economics bandwagon

Why governments wishing to change people's behaviour should concentrate on System 1 thinking.

Neuroscience helps a charity improve its TV ads

How neuroscience research tools boosted effectiveness for The Shelter Pets Project.

Making happen

TNS research showing how governments can make better use of online platforms to provide services.

The problem with political brands

Why branding political parties can be difficult, as parties depend on identity rather than consumption.

Latest case studies

UK Government: The Missing Millions - Giving Expats Their Voice

This case study explains how the British government used digital ads to increase the number of voter registrations among British people living abroad.

Bord Iascaigh Mhara: Live to tell the Tale

This case study describes how BIM, a non-commercial state government agency responsible for the development of the Irish Seafood Sector, persuaded Irish fishermen to think again and start taking the necessary steps to change the habit of a lifetime and use a Personal Flotation Device (PFD).

safefood: Reaching the unreachable. Convincing the inconvincible. Persuading all sexually active women, not just those planning a family, to take folic acid daily.

This case study describes how safefood, a public food safety and healthy eating body in Ireland, changed the conversation around the use of folic acid with a digital, educational campaign.

Shelter Pet: Start A Story. Adopt

This case study demonstrates how The Shelter Pet Project, a collaboration between the Humane Society of the United States, Maddie's Fund and The Ad Council, used homeless pets online to transform the way America thinks about these pets.

Latest articles

Kicking Refugees was Just the Beginning: The European Refugee Crisis, How the Open Society Foundation used qualitative social media research in defence of human rights

This paper describes research by the Open Society Foundation (OSF), a global human rights organisation, into public opinion in Hungary during the refugee crisis of 2015, when the Hungarian government adopted a hard-line stance against refugees.

How Teach For America used digital data to increase sign-ups

This event report details how Teach For America, the educational non-profit, has leveraged digital data to increase sign-up rates.

Joining the Dots to Join Hands Across the Globe: How market research is working to the benefit of Rwandan survivors

This paper describes the ways in which market research has contributed to the success of the SURF Survivors' Fund, the charity that supports survivors of the Rwandan genocide of the 1990s.

Western Sydney took him in: How Western Sydney University redefined education branding in Australia

The article explores how Western Sydney University (WSU) used emotive storytelling, social media and event activation to redefine tertiary education marketing in Australia, and provided a focal point of pride for the western Sydney community.

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