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Key reading


What brands in other categories can learn from charity marketing

This Best Practice paper argues that charities can teach other brands about using smaller budgets more efficiently. Charities have also taken their social competency into the digital space, where they have provided many significant successes in social media marketing.
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Why social policy needs more than the behavioural economics bandwagon

Why governments wishing to change people's behaviour should concentrate on System 1 thinking.

Neuroscience helps a charity improve its TV ads

How neuroscience research tools boosted effectiveness for The Shelter Pets Project.

Making happen

TNS research showing how governments can make better use of online platforms to provide services.

The problem with political brands

Why branding political parties can be difficult, as parties depend on identity rather than consumption.

Latest case studies

NSPCC flaw in the law

This case study investigates how the NSPCC, the British children's charity, campaigned to change the law and protect children from online sexual abuse.

WWF: Seastars

This case study demonstrates how WWF Netherlands, the wildlife preservation charity, generated greater compassion for and involvement with the subject of ocean preservation through a multi-media campaign.

Change4Life: 10 minute shake up

This case study shows how Public Health England, the executive body of the UK's Department of Health, mounted a campaign, Change4Life, to tackle childhood obesity, inspiring a social movement for healthier lifestyles.

Fresh blood: how Red Cross Connection crowd-sourced a new generation of blood donors.

This case study shows how the Singapore Red Cross, a global humanitarian charity, created an app to aid the recruitment of blood donors.

Latest articles

The 'Churchill Index' as a guide to leadership

This article analyses the qualities attributed to past and present political leaders in the UK and asks what qualities the public most admire in their leaders.

Speed Read: Doing Good Better

This Speed Read reviews and summarises the book 'Doing Good Better', by William MacAskill.

Measuring the efficiency of community engagement: an ecological analogy

Evaluation of community engagement has historically avoided or ignored the question of the efficiency of the processes used.

Presidential politics collide with digital media at IAB

This event report outlines how digital technology has added a new spin to the political process and will play a key role in the 2016 Presidential Election.

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