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Key reading


What brands in other categories can learn from charity marketing

This Best Practice paper argues that charities can teach other brands about using smaller budgets more efficiently. Charities have also taken their social competency into the digital space, where they have provided many significant successes in social media marketing.
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Why social policy needs more than the behavioural economics bandwagon

Why governments wishing to change people's behaviour should concentrate on System 1 thinking.

Neuroscience helps a charity improve its TV ads

How neuroscience research tools boosted effectiveness for The Shelter Pets Project.

Making happen

TNS research showing how governments can make better use of online platforms to provide services.

The problem with political brands

Why branding political parties can be difficult, as parties depend on identity rather than consumption.

Latest case studies

Australian Institute of Management (AIM): Inspiring Australians to realise their power

This case study shows how the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) increased its revenues with a small marketing budget by getting more Australians to take AIM courses and more organisations to outsource learning and development to AIM.

SmartLife: SAPNA (Dream) – How 17,793 nails shaped the future of generations to come

This case study shows how SmartLife, an NGO for labourers in Dubai, sold nails and asked people to hammer them into a wall to raise awareness of workers and their dreams, and raise funds for the workers' children.

Royal Navy Engineers: If you can fix this...

This case study demonstrates how reframing the Royal Navy in the UK improved recruitment of engineers.

California Tobacco Control Program: Wake Up

This case study describes how the California Tobacco Control Program, a government body in America, launched a California-wide public health campaign about smoking e-cigarettes in March 2015.

Latest articles

Measuring the efficiency of community engagement: an ecological analogy

Evaluation of community engagement has historically avoided or ignored the question of the efficiency of the processes used.

Project Everyone: How the UN targeted a campaign at 7bn people in seven days

This article discusses a global campaign for the United Nations, which aimed to reach everyone on earth in a week with news of its Sustainable Development Goals.

Interdependence Day: Survey & social, working together to save the UK!

This paper examines what opinion polls and social media analytics revealed about the 2014 Scottish referendum for independence and how social media analysis can be applied to political systems in the future.

Japan: The test market for the coming global dementia tsunami

This report outlines the challenges of the dementia epidemic facing Japan and how, in an aging society, brands are responding to the needs of Japanese dementia sufferers. 

  • Japan is the world’s fastest aging country, with more than 35 million Japanese – or 30% of the total population – expected to be over 65 years old by 2025.

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